5 Alternative To Crackers. This Diwali Go Green!


Firing crackers gives us noise and air pollution which has hazardous effects on our health. Below are alternatives to bursting crackers this Diwali.

  1. Go To Nature: Take a break from urban life and go to nature camp. Diwali could get real noisy, go to place that is more pleasing to ears and free from pollution.
  2. Play Indoor Games: Everyone love’s playing indoor games, choice includes cards, ludo, monopoly, housie and more with family & friends.
  3. Spread Joy: Buy sweets, cloth or food, and distribute to needy people, surely you will feel good about this act. Spend the evening with sharing joy in mind.
  4. Visit Family or Friend: Visit someone close to heart, spend evening chatting, cooking, drinking or watching movies. Barbecue is the good option to try.
  5. Celebrate With Community: Go for community celebration instead of individual celebration.Organise dance, rangoli, cooking and other activities with your neighbors for a great evening. f


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