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Save Water – Water Conservation – Conservation of Water

We all need water for our existence on Earth.We are dependent on water for drinking, hygiene, agriculture, manufacturing & more.

  • Eco365 aerator or adapter is an innovative water saving solutions for washbasin & sink taps or faucets.
  • Reduces water wastage up to 80% on tap, saves money.
  • Easy to Install. DIY (no need of plumber). Refer Images
  • Flow rate of aerator 3 LPM (Litres Per Minute).
  • Anti Clogging Screen filters sediment/debris; Scale resistant material.
  • Compatible to majority tap brands.


Water saving Aerator filter Eco365days.

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4 Ways Clean Restroom Impact Your Business

Clean restroom speaks volumes about an organization. A spotless restroom can make or break a customer & employee experience. May be the Restroom is the first and the last place that individual visit in the establishment and that memory stays in mind forever. Dirty restrooms do not only turn off customers, patrons and employees; they can also seriously injure businesses’ reputations

Image Courtesy: Eco365

Image Courtesy: Eco365

It is the little things that we overlook that customers or employee do not. We can even become blind to the dust building up. But they do!

  1. Projecting a Clean Image is Good for Business: According to a research published in Today, USA,2013, nearly 30% of consumers will not step into a business again if a dirty bathroom affected their first impression. In case of corporates were employees are the regular user, a dirty washroom could build a negative impression for the company and facility management team. It’s extremely difficult to change negative impressions without investing time and energy into changing someone’s mind––and even that is sometimes impossible. It’s far easier to simply get things right the first time.
  1. Eliminate Complaints: Clean restrooms can lead to happier customers or employee, which reduce overall complaints against your establishment. In the modern age, all it takes is one active social media individual to comment on the state of your company’s restrooms. Keeping down complaints not only keeps your clients happy, but your FM team more engaged in productive task rather than anxiously waiting for next complain.

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  1. Efficient Management Impression: According to another research 73% of customer believe a bad restroom indicates poor management. It gives the impression that company management is lazy or sloppy. The impression just do not last till house keeping or FM team, it travels all the way to top management. It will impact productivity of employees and will set the wrong culture for company.
  1. Daily Cleaning Schedule sets Discipline Right: A daily cleaning routine, including restroom cleanup and restocking, gives employees structure and establishes a routine. This discipline will be noticed by customer/employee and will be appreciated. The restroom user will come in support with management to keep the restroom clean and pay special attention to maintain cleanliness across the company. This also helps reduce your business costs over time.

    Goutam Surana, CEO-Founder, Eco365 & Neo Systek

    Author of this post: Goutam Surana, CEO-Founder, Eco365 & Neo Systek.

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