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Save Water – Water Conservation – Conservation of Water

We all need water for our existence on Earth.We are dependent on water for drinking, hygiene, agriculture, manufacturing & more.

  • Eco365 aerator or adapter is an innovative water saving solutions for washbasin & sink taps or faucets.
  • Reduces water wastage up to 80% on tap, saves money.
  • Easy to Install. DIY (no need of plumber). Refer Images
  • Flow rate of aerator 3 LPM (Litres Per Minute).
  • Anti Clogging Screen filters sediment/debris; Scale resistant material.
  • Compatible to majority tap brands.


Water saving Aerator filter Eco365days.

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Water Saving aerator poster 1

Growing Beard Save Water Upto 31,200 Litres Annually

Guys good news is.. You just not look cool with beard on; but also contributing to planet by conserving water.

Image Artist: Atif

Image Artist: Ashfak Patel

When you do not shave you save water. Let’s look at potential saving which is possible when you do not shave for a year. According to Ashfak, who is growing beard for some time now believes; beard not just save water also keep your skin away from the dust, which helps in prevention of skin diseases and also gives you a “Mainly Look”

A typical shave (With tap water flow at 12 Litres/Min) takes 8 to 10 minutes and an office goer shave easily 3 to 5 times a week. Since we looking at arriving potential saving, we consider 10 minute as tap running every shave and 5 times a week as count. Therefore

Math is simple to understand..

10 Mins x 12 Ltrs x 5 Times x 52 Weeks = 31,200 litres

Beard Style = Conservation of Water = Green Hero

Grow Beard…Save Water, Save World. Be Green Hero











5 Alternative To Crackers. This Diwali Go Green!

Firing crackers gives us noise and air pollution which has hazardous effects on our health. Below are alternatives to bursting crackers this Diwali.

  1. Go To Nature: Take a break from urban life and go to nature camp. Diwali could get real noisy, go to place that is more pleasing to ears and free from pollution.
  2. Play Indoor Games: Everyone love’s playing indoor games, choice includes cards, ludo, monopoly, housie and more with family & friends.
  3. Spread Joy: Buy sweets, cloth or food, and distribute to needy people, surely you will feel good about this act. Spend the evening with sharing joy in mind.
  4. Visit Family or Friend: Visit someone close to heart, spend evening chatting, cooking, drinking or watching movies. Barbecue is the good option to try.
  5. Celebrate With Community: Go for community celebration instead of individual celebration.Organise dance, rangoli, cooking and other activities with your neighbors for a great evening. f


This Diwali Go Green With Eco365 Water Savers For Taps

Retrofit Sink TapTo Save Water upto 80%










Protocol for 100% Compostable Garbage Bag Manufacturer

As per the recent Gazette by Ministry of Environment in Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016, Compostable garbage bag manufacturer needs to follow below protocol.

  1. Compostable garbage bag has to be as per Indian Standard IS/ ISO 17088 (certified)
  2. Manufacturer should be approved by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) to sell and manufacturer compostable garbage bag
  3. Compostable bag should have name of the manufacturer and certificate number printed on it.

Gazette by Ministry of Environment in Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016 

Please read below points in Gazette. (click to read Gazette) or visit http://egazette.nic.in/WriteReadData/2016/168620.pdf

3(C) (E) (O)  ,  4 (C) (H),   11 (1C)2

Be a informed buyer. Go Green



Eco365 launches 100% Compostable Garbage Bag (as per norms) in association with Truegreen.

Compostable garbage bag alternate to plastic bag

These bags looks like plastic, but they are 100% plastic free. They are made from corn starch and other compostable material. They are as per the protocols mentioned above.

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Web: www.eco365.co.in

Buy Eco365 products online: www.eco365store.com

5 Easy Ways To Save Water in Apartment

India has worlds 17% population, but only 4% of fresh water reserves.  Below listed are five easy ways to save water in apartment or residential complex. When you Save Water you Save Money as well.


Arrest all leaky faucet/taps and other plumbing fixtures. Leaks could account to overall water wastage of upto 10% in a building. A drop per second leak waste around 10,000 litres of water annually.


Avoid water wastage on common area washing and other regular practices. Broom can be used for same process also wait for rain to wash large areas. Rain water is free and home delivered.

2016-04-17 14.47.07


Retrofit existing plumbing fixture to less water wastage plumbing fixtures. Sink Taps, Basin Taps and shower can be retrofitted using aerators and flow restrictors to reduce water wastage upto 80%. The retrofit is easy and it quickly pays for itself. We Eco365 provide water saving devices for domestic and commercial properties in India. Visit www.eco365.co.in to learn more.

Retrofit Sink TapTo Save Water upto 80%


Maintain uniform water bar pressure across the pipelines of apartment. Many a time due to high pressure at different points huge water wastage happens. Regulate the valves manually at different floor levels to maintain uniform bar pressure.


Educate, train and spread awareness about water conservation amongst resident owners and admin team. By doing such campaign periodically; saving of water upto 10% can easily be achieved over a period. Notice boards are best place to place posters. Use Watsup, Social & Email group to spread awareness on water conservation regularly.




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Plastic Trash Bags — Green Alternatives

Plastic Trash Bags — Green Alternatives


When did we start feeling the need to line our kitchen trash cans with paper or plastic bags? Was it the 1930s when the first American supermarket opened and customers carried their goods home in paper bags? Maybe it began when Union Carbide starting selling Glad garbage bags in the 1960s. How about the 1970s when plastic grocery bags were introduced as an alternative to paper bags?

What do people do with plastic grocery bags after the groceries are unloaded and put away? Google “ways to reuse plastic grocery bags”, one of the top responses will be as a trash can liner, especially for kitchen trash cans.

With more Indian municipalities banning single-use plastic bags, those who reuse them to line their trash cans are faced with a dilemma of what to use instead. This presents a good opportunity to search for a green alternative.

Plastic Trash Bags — Green Alternatives


Plastic bags are made from fossil fuels and use energy throughout their life cycle. After one’s stash of single-use plastic bags is used up, then what? A greener alternative to buying standard kitchen trash bags would be to purchase 100% recycled plastic bags. Beware of biodegradable plastic bags. Landfills are designed so that trash does not rot. A biodegradable plastic bag in a landfill is just another plastic bag.


Paper bags are made from trees and manufacturing them generates greenhouse gases and pollution. For a greener alternative, look for 100% recycled paper bags. Waxed paper seems to be making a comeback as a moisture barrier for paper trash bags. Paper bags will break down in nature especially when wet, but they do not biodegrade in a landfill.



Why purchase a bag just to fill it up with trash and throw it away? Go with the free option and skip the trash can bag—go bag less.

Starch Based Bio-Plastics

Using bags made from corn starch should be a better alternative to plastic and paper, as they are sturdy and easy to use and degrade without any side effects.

Going Bag less and Green

Using reusable garbage bags is an efficient particle on going bag less , It cost effective and with little effort we can save a lot on our carbon footprint.


The trash can does need to be cleaned but not as often as we thought. The trash can is small and easily fits in the kitchen sink. A laundry room sink or even bathtub would work too. With a little water and green cleaner, the trash can cleaning task is accomplished quickly and painlessly. It’s just not that icky.

With a little extra care, kitchen trash bags and liners can be eliminated, which saves money and is a green alternative to bags.

What are the environmental impacts of paper versus plastic bags? Is one better than the other? What is the “greener” choice?


Pollution and Environmental Damage

  • Trees act as a carbon sink by removing the carbon from CO2 and storing it as cellulose in the trunk while releasing the oxygen back into the air. Cutting down forests depletes this and other benefits trees provide.
  • Accidents and spills from oil and natural gas extraction, refining, transportation, and distribution have already had far reaching and catastrophic environmental impacts. There is no reason to believe this will not continue.
  • Some equipment, chemical compounds, and processes used to make paper and plastic bags are harmful and cause pollution.
  • Bags made from recycled materials may use fewer resources but recycling is not without environmental impact.
  • U.S. EPA statistics show that paper bags are recycled 5 times more than plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags made from corn or other biomaterials and Kraft type paper bags are compostable. If compostable plastic bags get mixed in with other plastic recycling, they may contaminate it.
  • Paper bags will biodegrade in nature, plastic bags will not. Birds, fish, and other wildlife may become entangled in or ingest plastic bags or parts of plastic bags.
  • Some municipalities’ efforts to ban single-use plastic bags are in part to mitigate the amount of time and money they spend dealing with plastic bag litter.

Waste and Recycling

The Bottom Line

Both paper and plastic bags have an environmental impact. Is one “greener” than the other? It depends on whom you talk to or where you get your information, and how you interpret what you learn. Keep in mind comparisons can be tricky and sometimes confusing. For instance, one might need 1-3 plastic grocery bags to hold what fits in 1 paper grocery bag so bag-per-bag comparisons may be misleading.

Instead of debating paper versus plastic, perhaps we should look at other alternatives…a topic for another post.

Buy compostable Garbage Bags

100% Compostable Garbage Bag – View Certifications & Gazette Plastic Rules

100% Compostable Garbage Bag Made of Corn Starch; 100% Plastic Free.

New Gazette Plastic rules 2016 issued on 18th March 2016
Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change : Whereas the Plastic Waste Management and Handling Rules 2011 published vide notification number SO 249
Link to Gazette : http://egazette.nic.in/WriteReadData/2016/168620.pdf

Please read point number in the document:

3 (C) (E) (O)
4 (C) (H)
11 (1C) 2
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.59.07 PM

Click on above image to read the Gazette

In the plastic definition they have mentioned all kind of plastic including Polypropylne ( Non- Woven) except compostable product which clearly separates it from Conventional petro based Plastic.

TRUEGREEN & Greendiamz Biotech Ltd approval from Central Pollution Control Board












Neo Systek has entered into contract with GreenDiamz Biotech Ltd. to promote TRUEGREEN 100% compostable  bags.

Neo Systek, Bangalore

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Karnataka Govt’s Carpet Ban On Plastics

The Karnataka State government has banned manufacture, storage, sale of plastics products such as carry bags, glasses, plates, Garbage Bag, cups, plastic flags, buntings, flexes, Spoons, banners, plastic sheets used on dining tables in marriage halls, plastic used for sale of chips, goods manufactured by thermocol and micro beads. Though the ban has not been enforced strictly, as no substitute of many product has been identified. Like for garbage bag. 

Below are the screenshot of the Gazette Notification:

Slide1 Slide1Slide2

Water Saving Aerator for tap - Flow Rate 3-4 litres per minute

Water Saving Aerator for tap – Flow Rate 3-4 litres per minute




AromaActiv- A New Kind of Freshener

AromaActiv is new launch by Eco365, it will change the way you look at air Fresheners. This special polymer based freshener is unlike any PDCB/Para based fresheners; which results in health hazards.












Why AromaActiv?

  • Base Product Polymer not Para
  • Recyclable
  • High on Aesthetics
  • No Spillover (break downs)
  • Easy Installations
  • Fragrance Choices Three

Comparison between AromaActive & Para Air Freshener

  Para Based Air Freshener AromaActiv
1 Aesthetics(look) Medium High
2 Product Life 30-45 days 45 days
3 Base Product PDCB/Para (Paradichlorobenzene) EVA(Polymer)
4 Recyclable No (Gets diluted in air) Yes (Disposed in Plastic Recycle Bin)
5 Refill option No Yes
6 Effective Area Coverage Not Defined Up to 50 sft
7 Placement, Ease of use Standing/Hanger Wall mount /Hanging/Stick
8 Product Spillage chances Yes No
9 Water Resistant No Yes












For bulk buy requirements call at 080 -26758043 or write to info@neosystek.com; Web: www.neosystek.com


What is PDCB ?

PDCB or para-Dichlorobenzene is a white to colourless crystalline solid with a mothball-like odour, commonly used as base product to manufacturer toilet fresheners.

Effect on Health:

PDCB has been classified by  International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) as a Group 2B carcinogen, possibly carcinogenic to humans. The vapor of PDCB is toxic to insects. In humans and other animals, PDCB is broken down in the body to form other compounds that may be harmful to cells or organs such as the liver

How you get exposed to PDCB ? 

People are most likely to be exposed to PDCB by breathing in the vapors emitted by PDCB based air fresheners & moth balls. When you smell these air fresheners, you are actually inhaling the harmful chemical.

About PDCB and it effects on Wikipedia:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urinal_deodorizer_block ( read 3rd Paragraph)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1,4-Dichlorobenzene (read last paragraph)

List the states in US were PDCB is ban.


Water saving Aerator filter Eco365days.








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Go Green: Switch to GreenTaps

4 Easy Changes To Go Green @Home/Office

A leaky tap is a costly mistake for your wallet



Go Green: Switch to GreenTaps

Call it GreenTap, Water Efficient Tap or Water Saving Tap; they are all one and same. These taps reduce water wastage and save money. They perform efficiently with less water usage when compared to regular taps even at high water pressure. GreenTap compensate the water pressure and give efficient water flow rate, therefore less water wastage & more savings on water bills.


GreenTap: 70% Less Water Wastage Due To Pressure Compensation at tap level.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.32.15 PM


Learn better how we save water from above info-graphic, it compares regular tap and water efficient tap. Imagine how much water India could save, if every home has water efficient tap. The saved water could go to homes were water is scarce or to stressed fields.

We can also retrofit exiting tap to GreenTap, with the help of Eco365 Adaptors/ Restrictors.  Its an easy process and easy on pocket as well.

About Eco365 – Water Conservation Solutions.

We at Eco365 provide Water Saving solutions such as GreenTaps, Water Adaptors, Flow Restrictors etc. helping over 500 organizations & many residential habitations save water everyday !

Initiate water conservation at your organization/residence today. Save Water & Money.

Contact Eco365 Team: 080 2675 8043
Email: info@neosystek.com
Web: www.watersaving.in  I  www.neosystek.com