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Save Water – Water Conservation – Conservation of Water

We all need water for our existence on Earth.We are dependent on water for drinking, hygiene, agriculture, manufacturing & more.

  • Eco365 aerator or adapter is an innovative water saving solutions for washbasin & sink taps or faucets.
  • Reduces water wastage up to 80% on tap, saves money.
  • Easy to Install. DIY (no need of plumber). Refer Images
  • Flow rate of aerator 3 LPM (Litres Per Minute).
  • Anti Clogging Screen filters sediment/debris; Scale resistant material.
  • Compatible to majority tap brands.


Water saving Aerator filter Eco365days.

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Growing Beard Save Water Upto 31,200 Litres Annually

Guys good news is.. You just not look cool with beard on; but also contributing to planet by conserving water.

Image Artist: Atif

Image Artist: Ashfak Patel

When you do not shave you save water. Let’s look at potential saving which is possible when you do not shave for a year. According to Ashfak, who is growing beard for some time now believes; beard not just save water also keep your skin away from the dust, which helps in prevention of skin diseases and also gives you a “Mainly Look”

A typical shave (With tap water flow at 12 Litres/Min) takes 8 to 10 minutes and an office goer shave easily 3 to 5 times a week. Since we looking at arriving potential saving, we consider 10 minute as tap running every shave and 5 times a week as count. Therefore

Math is simple to understand..

10 Mins x 12 Ltrs x 5 Times x 52 Weeks = 31,200 litres

Beard Style = Conservation of Water = Green Hero

Grow Beard…Save Water, Save World. Be Green Hero











5 Alternative To Crackers. This Diwali Go Green!

Firing crackers gives us noise and air pollution which has hazardous effects on our health. Below are alternatives to bursting crackers this Diwali.

  1. Go To Nature: Take a break from urban life and go to nature camp. Diwali could get real noisy, go to place that is more pleasing to ears and free from pollution.
  2. Play Indoor Games: Everyone love’s playing indoor games, choice includes cards, ludo, monopoly, housie and more with family & friends.
  3. Spread Joy: Buy sweets, cloth or food, and distribute to needy people, surely you will feel good about this act. Spend the evening with sharing joy in mind.
  4. Visit Family or Friend: Visit someone close to heart, spend evening chatting, cooking, drinking or watching movies. Barbecue is the good option to try.
  5. Celebrate With Community: Go for community celebration instead of individual celebration.Organise dance, rangoli, cooking and other activities with your neighbors for a great evening. f


This Diwali Go Green With Eco365 Water Savers For Taps

Retrofit Sink TapTo Save Water upto 80%










Eco365 Water Saving Aerators for Taps /Faucets

Water can be saved through simple changes in behavior and by installing Eco365 water saving fixtures at washrooms. This process to reduce water wastage without compromising on rinse efficiencies is called water efficiency.

Eco365 in India is helping apartments, office’s and individual homes save water on day-to-day basis with its range of water efficient fixtures. The product range includes Water efficient taps, retrofit aerators, flow restrictors and showers. Eco365 is in business from 2010 and helped more than 1000 corporates and apartments save water. Eco365 products are also sold online on epayment or cash on delivery basis.

Eco365 products can save water up to 80%. Learn How

Eco365 was featured in ‘TheBetterIndia’ campaign and other news dailies for water saving products it launched. Video below:





Website: www.eco365.co.in

Contact: 9686194711

Email: info@neosystek.com

Online Store 



5 Easy Ways To Save Water in Apartment

India has worlds 17% population, but only 4% of fresh water reserves.  Below listed are five easy ways to save water in apartment or residential complex. When you Save Water you Save Money as well.


Arrest all leaky faucet/taps and other plumbing fixtures. Leaks could account to overall water wastage of upto 10% in a building. A drop per second leak waste around 10,000 litres of water annually.


Avoid water wastage on common area washing and other regular practices. Broom can be used for same process also wait for rain to wash large areas. Rain water is free and home delivered.

2016-04-17 14.47.07


Retrofit existing plumbing fixture to less water wastage plumbing fixtures. Sink Taps, Basin Taps and shower can be retrofitted using aerators and flow restrictors to reduce water wastage upto 80%. The retrofit is easy and it quickly pays for itself. We Eco365 provide water saving devices for domestic and commercial properties in India. Visit www.eco365.co.in to learn more.

Retrofit Sink TapTo Save Water upto 80%


Maintain uniform water bar pressure across the pipelines of apartment. Many a time due to high pressure at different points huge water wastage happens. Regulate the valves manually at different floor levels to maintain uniform bar pressure.


Educate, train and spread awareness about water conservation amongst resident owners and admin team. By doing such campaign periodically; saving of water upto 10% can easily be achieved over a period. Notice boards are best place to place posters. Use Watsup, Social & Email group to spread awareness on water conservation regularly.




For bulk buy deals, Write to info@neosystek.com or call: 080-26758043 / 9686194711

Visit: www.eco365.co.in


Buy Water Savers at  www.eco365store.com


Go Green: Switch to GreenTaps

Call it GreenTap, Water Efficient Tap or Water Saving Tap; they are all one and same. These taps reduce water wastage and save money. They perform efficiently with less water usage when compared to regular taps even at high water pressure. GreenTap compensate the water pressure and give efficient water flow rate, therefore less water wastage & more savings on water bills.


GreenTap: 70% Less Water Wastage Due To Pressure Compensation at tap level.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.32.15 PM


Learn better how we save water from above info-graphic, it compares regular tap and water efficient tap. Imagine how much water India could save, if every home has water efficient tap. The saved water could go to homes were water is scarce or to stressed fields.

We can also retrofit exiting tap to GreenTap, with the help of Eco365 Adaptors/ Restrictors.  Its an easy process and easy on pocket as well.

About Eco365 – Water Conservation Solutions.

We at Eco365 provide Water Saving solutions such as GreenTaps, Water Adaptors, Flow Restrictors etc. helping over 500 organizations & many residential habitations save water everyday !

Initiate water conservation at your organization/residence today. Save Water & Money.

Contact Eco365 Team: 080 2675 8043
Email: info@neosystek.com
Web: www.watersaving.in  I  www.neosystek.com

Save Water Upto 80 % with Eco365 Adapter on Taps

Eco365 water saving adaptors can reduce water wastage on taps by upto 80%. You can instantly convert existing tap into water saving tap. These devices are best for apartments, offices and individual homes.

Please see the below video to understand better.

These adaptors can be bought online (buy now) or from company Neo Systek (www.neosystek.com).  The company also offer discount on bulk quantities.



Bulk Buy Deals for Available. Write to info@neosystek.com 

Water Saving Aerator for tap - Flow Rate 3-4 litres per minute

Water Saving Aerator for tap – Flow Rate 3-4 litres per minute

Water Saving Device on Sink Tap.

Bulk Buy Deals for Available. 

Call us : 08026758043 

Email: info@neosystek.com

Website: www.neosystek.com


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Save Water Slogans / Quotes

10 Best Water Saving Slogans / Quotes which we can use to bring awareness on water conservation. 

1. Thousands lived without love, not one without water.

2. It takes a lot of blue to stay green. Save Water Save Future.

3. Save Water, The World’s Future Depends on it.

4. You are 60% Water, Save 60% of yourself!!

5. Water, 3 billion people are dying for it, Save It!

Water saving Aerator filter Eco365days.







6. Water, water everywhere but why is it rare somewhere.

7. Put a stop to the drop, Fix leaks. Save Water.

8. We may go extinct if you don’t turn off the sink.

9. Don’t let the future blow, Save H2O.

10. Save water here & there, don’t waste it anywhere.

People of India could do more than just sharing slogans to save water. Adopt water saving devices to save water everyday. Eco365 water saving devices are now available in India. Learn more at www.watersaving.in


4 Easy Changes To Go Green @Home/Office

With the perpetually unstable environment around us, it is momentous to be environmentally sentient and active. It is even more significant when you toss around on how much money you can economize by going green at home or office. The ways and methods you can undertake turning your home or office from an emission-producing fireball into an eco-friendly space are easy and simple. Here, we suggest 4 easy changes to go green at home or office.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.32.44 PM

  1. Change To LED: Whether you like it or not, it is the hour to get with it. With changing demographics the need of electricity is increasing multifolds and to provide this energy to all we need to switch to energy efficient fixtures available to us LED’s consume 70% energy when compared to conventional bulbs without lowering their flux intensity, so, preferably, manufacturers have switched to more energy potent technologies, such as LEDs, halogens, fluorescents. Some obvious advantages of using them include: they are cheap, they emit a familiar and warm glow, and they dim predictably.
  2. Garden To Keep Go Green: Setting up an Eco garden is a crucial step in rooting up the ecosystem and in scaling down your environmental foot-mark. Adopt organic ways for enhancing the soil, controlling pests, weeds and irrigation. It is also vital growing indigenous plant species when creating an eco-friendly garden. Summon up that you will slash your carbon discharge by nearly two pounds for every pound of veg and fruit that you plant.
  3. Retrofit Existing Plumbing Fixture To Save Water: This is an idea proposed to create long-term water savings by calling for a new up growth to partially cancel out domestic water use by retrofitting existing plumbing fixture with high-efficiency urinals, toilets, and other low flow water use fixtures. For example: Eco365 brand water saving device like aerators, showers etc are now easily available in India and sold online, these devices helps you save water up to 75% without trade-off on rinse-ability. Eco365 aerators are easy to install and is suitable for any type of kitchen, wash-basin taps, utility taps and sink tap. 
  4. Switching To Green Cleaners Go Eco-friendly: Have you ever tidied up your oven or shower and then had dizziness, a headache, itchy throat, burning nasal tissues, or teary eyes? Before you take a shot in the dark, understand that all these are caused by chemical seen in household cleaners. Some button-down domestic cleaners also soil the environment with elements that can contaminate water, air and more. Switching to green cleaners can not only save the earth but also protect you from chemical irritations.

    Water Savers aeraotrs

    Water Savers India

Too busy to save water? Think again

Water is necessary for the sustenance of human life. While the supply seems abundant, water is not a limitless resource, particularly the fresh potable water most necessary to human survival. Without conservation efforts, this vital supply of water may be exhausted.

5 Reasons Why Save Water ?

Reason #1:Without fresh water you will die in just a few days. Plain and simple, no sugar coating, it is a simple morbid fact that helps drive the point across, water equals life.

Reason #2: Using less water keeps money in your pocket. By utilizing basic water conservation techniques you are able to save thousands of litres of water each year. Saves Money; prime resource.

Reason #3:Protecting our natural eco-systems from further damage is critical, especially for the survival of some endangered species. The great pacific garbage patch is a great example of the worst side of our wasteful practices.

Reason #4:Conserving water can also save energy. In order to pump the water from a central facility into your home or office, energy is required to run that equipment. Water conservation helps youGo Green

Reason #5:We use water for many, many different things like making electricity, cleaning, cooking, irrigating, bathing etc.  

Team Neo Systek can help you save water. Write to info@neosystek.com to learn about different water saving solutions.

For much tips on water & energy conservation, Please join us on FACEBOOKLINKEDIN

Water Savers aeraotrs

Water Savers India