Growing Beard Save Water Upto 31,200 Litres Annually


Guys good news is.. You just not look cool with beard on; but also contributing to planet by conserving water.

Image Artist: Atif

Image Artist: Ashfak Patel

When you do not shave you save water. Let’s look at potential saving which is possible when you do not shave for a year. According to Ashfak, who is growing beard for some time now believes; beard not just save water also keep your skin away from the dust, which helps in prevention of skin diseases and also gives you a “Mainly Look”

A typical shave (With tap water flow at 12 Litres/Min) takes 8 to 10 minutes and an office goer shave easily 3 to 5 times a week. Since we looking at arriving potential saving, we consider 10 minute as tap running every shave and 5 times a week as count. Therefore

Math is simple to understand..

10 Mins x 12 Ltrs x 5 Times x 52 Weeks = 31,200 litres

Beard Style = Conservation of Water = Green Hero

Grow Beard…Save Water, Save World. Be Green Hero









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