Retrofit existing tap to Save Water, Money & Go Green. Good for Apartments, Offices & Schools.


Now we can retrofit existing taps into water efficient taps. A regular tap dispenses 9 to 12 litres water in a minute; after retrofit the water flow reduces to 3 litres, thus reducing water wastage by up to 80%.  without any compromise on rinse ability(See Below Image)

Video of Water Saving device in practice. 

Saving explanation with help of above image. Water flow reduced by up to 80%. From 12 LPM to 2-3 LPM, with no compromise on rinse ability

Why Eco365days Aerators?
    • Saves water (Apartment could reduce maintenance cost)
    • Saves money
    • Easy to install, fits most of Indian taps with aerator options.
    • Less water usage, results in less to recycle & pumping cost.
    • Reduces your carbon footprint
    • Quick ROI
    • Different flow rates & types available.

Eco365days Aerators generates thin stream of water to cover wider area for rinse, when compared to conventional aerators. This results in lesser-run time of faucet and easiness for user and ultimately water saving!!

Water Saving Aerators eco365days

Water Saving Eco365days Aerators

Do not wait, start saving water now. You can buy water saving aerator online. Click here to Buy Online.

Installing Aerator is easy. DIY

Installing Aerator is easy. DIY

See Video: How to install Aerator ? Click Here


For bulk buying of aerators. Reach us.

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